Wild postings for San francisco AIDS foundation program NXCH

be selfish - NXCH 888-48 YOUTH
this was a direct message for those being pressured to do drugs to accompany their friendsdeath is not an option - NXCH 888-48 YOUTH
share this with someone you love - NXCH 888-48 YOUTH
"share" refers to sharing this number rather than a used needle

the wild postings, created under the art direction of ucef hanjani, were based on elements directly present in the lives of the audience targeted. the wrinkled paper and the transferred type were not only design elements to draw attention, they also reflected the pieces of paper the kids would fold to house their drugs.

sitting in their back pockets, the humidity and pressure would transfer the text creating duplications and mirror-images of the letters. this type of visual was something that would conjure the memory of those who are the actual target yet seem meaningless to the rest who we were avoiding. note that no direct mention of drugs is used in any of the communication pieces.