Krug Cabinet: an exclusive members only community site designed by ceft and company

printed invitation for current krug elite as well as select mailing list guests join in this very special community

a few of the privileges include: meeting like-minded members from around the globe with similar interests and high expectations for the details that separate the good from the great, invitations to krug's pop-up anti-chambres - temporary champagne bars opened in undisclosed locations in key capitals during art auctions and fashion week.

the member site requires each participant to upload 6 of their most cherished items at a time and comment on others. each member learns of others through their cherished items, be it a scull from the Galapagos Islands or a vintage minute-repeater watch.

a portrait...

or a paperback book...

latest releases on krug vintages are shared first with cabinet members

the krug gatherings in tokyo, paris, new york and london bring together some of the members face-to-face for the very first time. others can only guess which face belongs to which object.

the calendar of event allows RSVP access to members online

exclusive content and interviews are premiered on the cabinet site before becoming available to the public.

each member upon approval can invite additional guests for membership approval

the site has the potential of becoming the first truly exclusive luxury hub for all of LVMH brands as online commerce becomes the central focus of global brands.