ceft and company's creative director ucef hanjani
tatsuo kannami for kose
above: hair stylist to the stars stephen knoll with model courtney
below: mr. hideto hakao, general manager of advertising for the kosé corporation of japan with new york's finest

stills from the filming of the SKNY tv spot in new york city, directed by steven mead, taking place on madison avenue. the film was created in 2 days; a night of b cameras shooting the night street scenes, a day of prep, and the eventual night time shoot on madison avenue inside the car.
director of photography toshi
director steven mead during prep
ceft and company creative director ucef hanjani
director steven mead and producer holly hartley
model courtney with ceft and company creative director, ucef hanjaniin this particular execution of the brand-story we see courtney heading somewhere in a chauffeur driven car. she is dressed up, leading us to believe that her destination is her one-and-only love. whose car is she in? is she a kept-woman? she pulls out a photograph of a man, admiring it. is he the one? but then, we see her tear up, not only the image, but our judgment of her. she lets the wind that has embraced her hair, carry the pieces away into the big city's night sky. in full calm she casually reaches out and pulls out a stack of pictures of other boys right out of her bag. tag line: "great hair. many options."