nike limited edition leather suede and rope tote bag designed and manufactured through ceft and company

the challenge was to design and create a seemingly unisex tote bag that is at once chic and functional and yet appropriate to a performance sports icon such as nike. the muse user in our mind was the fashion concious girl who lived in brooklyn, would wear a pair of balanciaga shoes with a pair of APC jeans, and a balmain jacket, and was yet "sportif". we could see her arriving at equinox or some small studio for her swimming, boxing or yoga class. we could see her fixing her door bell or assembling her cabinets and yet quite feminine in her demeanor. a complex urbanite with a flair for sports. a strong women with an immaculate level of taste.

the bag used shoe quality thick leather exposing the suede exterior using nikes iconic laser burns, and a simple utilitarian rope that doubled as the handle. the label and bag were designed and conceived at ceft and company and were hand initialed for the first 50 pieces. all production and designed were conducted through the agency on behalf of nike.