GENYOUTH FOUNDATION: a non-profit organization fighting childhood obesity in the united states

how is your state doing?
find out in an interactive map showcasing detail information about the epidemic as well as the foundations footprint and efforts in every statethe website includes various social media channels that enable users to share and get involved with the foundation
finally the general public has a way to jump into a movement in solving this national epidemic by simply sharing the message using facebook, twitter, and range of other channels available from with in the site. users can also submit ideas, become a member or simply donate via paypal to the foundation.
genyouth foundation CEO alexis glick

spearheaded by its newly appointed CEO and front-women alexis glick, genyouth foundation is bound to become one of the most important organizations in its field. with robust governmental and private backing and an impressive board of directors including the former US surgeon general, dr. david satcher in place, the organization began looking at creating an own-able and 'relevant' image and identity.

the visual language, assets, logo, and website were designed and produced by ceft and company new york. we, at ceft and company, are especially proud of this work, as it was not only produced under incredible time constraints but also because it is an effort and product we all full-heartedly believe in. the site launch date is set for september 17, 2011.

please take a moment and not only view the new website: for its incredible map programing and design, but also to join in a movement that every american should be concerned about. enjoy and thank you in advance for your involvement.